Stem Cell Therapy Anti-aging Cream The Next Generation Of Skin Care

If you are worried that your age is showing on your face, the remedy is here. With the advent of medical science there is nothing that is impossible. Even reverse aging is a possibility now. With the increased amount of research for cancer therapy, there have been many side inventions that actually help you restore your lost youth. With the use of stem cell therapy, you have found an elixir of life that returns the glow and youthfulness to your skin.

The use of stem cell therapy has been quite controversial but so far no harmful effects have observed. Stem cell treatment has been used to repair damaged tissues by the growth and proliferation of these specialized cells called stem cells. The directed action of stem cells lead to their potential for repair and treatment of damaged tissues.

When this therapy is used in skin care creams the mechanism of action is slightly different. Rather than using embryonic stem cells or materials from live cells, scientists are using peptides or enzymes that are synthetic or derived from plant sources. This new innovation actually has the potential to turn around the aging clock and make you forget that you were ever aging. It might seem miraculous, but in this scientific age nothing is impossible. In the human body, the role of stem cells is to proliferate when there is an injury to the skin or internal organs. This serves to repair the injury. When it comes to the skin, stem cells are used to undo the damage caused to the skin by exposure to sunlight or UV. The natural aging of the skin also leads to damage, which can be taken care of by use of this stem cell therapy. Stem cell creams have the power to protect the epidermal layer of the skin, by regeneration of the skin cells, and maintaining the youthful appearance of the skin.

This process has been frowned upon in ethical terms as many people feel that using such important research for the purpose of making one look young is gross misuse and trivializes medical research. However the technology has been hailed eagerly by many as it is a quick solution to keep oneself looking healthy and young, and holding on to youth per say.

Stem cell therapy is a new innovation that can take years off your face in a jiffy. With age the skin loses its capacity to renew itself, and requires the age of external agents to protect itself from the damage accumulated with age. Some of the components of the stem cell therapy creams have the capacity to act as anti-oxidants and nullify the effects of factors that cause lines and wrinkles. Stem cell therapy restores to the skin its original glow and allure and ensures that you look sixteen at sixty. The regenerative power of the cream is used to refresh the skin and control the accelerating damage which is caused to the skin through environmental factors such as exposure to the UV rays of the sun.