Steps to Get Rid of Eczema Fast – Without Steroids

If you have an eczema flare up, it is no secret that steroid creams will relieve the itching quickly. It is also no secret that if you use steroid creams for a long period of time, you’re putting yourself at risk for some very nasty side effects: thinning skin, bleached skin, glaucoma, hypertension, and weight gain, just to name a few. It is also no secret that steroids just treat the symptoms of eczema, not its root cause. Conventional doctors will tell you there is no cure, so basically, you’re stuck, right? Wrong! You can cure your eczema and you can do it quickly. Here’s how.

1. Stop eating processed foods. Processed foods have most of their nutrition squeezed out of them. They also contain chemicals that are foreign to your body. With processed foods, you end up under nourishing yourself and slowly poisoning yourself at the same time.

2. Eat organically farmed produce. Conventionally farmed produce is sprayed with pesticides and herbicides and trace amounts remain in the produce no matter how much it is washed. You ingest those toxins, and they all don’t pass through your body. Some remain in your cells, building up over time. Organically farmed produce isn’t sprayed with these toxins. The same is true for organically raised animals. They don’t contain the artificial growth hormones and antibiotics that conventionally raised animals do.

3. Eat in rhythm with your body’s metabolic cycle. In the early morning the cells are dumping waste products and repairing themselves. In the afternoon and early evening the body’s metabolism is geared toward digestion, which demands a lot of energy. Eat the biggest meal of the day during this time. In the late evening the body is directing nutrients to the cells. Eating in compliance with these metabolic periods will afford efficient digestion, assimilation, and maintenance of the cells, allowing proper healing to occur.

4. Detoxify your body. By doing a detox cleanse you will remove the toxins accumulated in your cells and flush them out of your body. You can enlist a naturopathic doctor to help you or buy a detox product from a reputable health food store.

By following these guidelines you will get rid of eczema fast. No, it won’t occur overnight, but it will occur quickly. In a period of several days or a few short weeks, you will notice an overall improvement in your general health, and you will notice your eczema disappearing.

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