Stretch Mark Remedies Beauty thy name is Woman

For the women who are in professions that demand that they be in the public eye most of the time do get very sensitive and conscious of how they look all the time. In fact you can say that in a glamorous profession their beauty and the body is their biggest asset. Younger women do not have to bother so much about their looks because they anyway look good because of their youth. But when the time comes for these women to become mothers, they do get worried and worked up.Most women in this position do want to have children, but are worried about how to maintain their looks.

Pregnancy and post pregnancy are quite worrisome for these women for it means a break from their profession. It also means a major deviation. They can never be the same again. Most of the women plan to get back on their feet and get back to office as early as possible. Getting back means getting back into shape too. The plan is to shed the pregnancy fat as soon as possible and get into the former self.lf.

So while all of them look forward to the arrival of the new baby they also get busy planning on exercising and hitting the gym to be back in shape. Besides getting into shape the other major cause of concern for women is dealing with the inevitable stretch marks. Especially for those women who are into professions like modeling, having a flawless skin is essential and so they cannot afford to have stretch marks on their body. They feel self conscious and besides they cannot do with close up photography if they have stretch marks on them.In fact if they do get stretch marks and are unable to have them removed or treated, then it is quite possible that they may not be able to wear the revealing clothes which is a part of their profession and hence cannot walk the ramp.

During pregnancy one cannot avoid stretch marks. Stretch marks appear when the abdomen begins to expand and the skin though elastic would expand and in the process the dermis as well as epidermis will tear resulting in the stretch marks. Though the skin does shrink with shrinking of the abdomen the scars can only get lighter but remain nevertheless. It is not as if the women of today alone are worried about this problem. Since ages women have been in search of solutions to this problem and have been trying out various solutions.

In every country and every society, women have developed their own home remedies and treatments to treat this problem of stretch marks. you will find a lot many home remedies as well as natural and herbal products that are famous even in oriental medicine to deal with this problem. In the market you will also find so many creams that are sold for this purpose. Quote a few creams have been proven successful and are well known for a long time. Vitamin E is used as a principle ingredient in all these products to help heal the skin and tissues. Aloe Vera is the other ingredient used by all of the home remedies and herbal products as it helps heal the scarred tissues as well as works as a moisturizer thus removing the dryness of the skin.

Most important thing that one must note is that the treatment for stretch marks should being as early as your bump starts showing. As your stomach begins to enlarge, the effect on the tearing and stretching of the skin can be minimized. You should continue with the usage of cream daily until after the delivery when the size of your stomach reduces and the skin shrinks back to its original position and you no longer feel itchy.

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