Glutathione And Anti-aging

Human aging: aging is an inexorable law in the process of the development of human life, under normal circumstances, people began aging in thirty-year-old, the aging reasons are as following: telomeres shorten and telomerase close, the nucleus of the human chromosome have a DNA substance called telomeres in the chromosomes of the terminal, it is like a life clock, regulate cell growth and apoptosis. With growing age, telomere due to the continuous cell mitosis become shorter and shorter; every time the cells divided, the telomere shortening a little, when shortened to nothing, the cells stop dividing, the life of the cell also finished. Aging is caused by telomere shortening and telomerase close.
Saccharification of protein: protein glycation denature and condenses the protein. After protein denaturation, it is easy to cause blockage activity within cells disappear, shorten the life of the whole cell.
The damaging effects of free radicals: the main damage of free radicals is to the mitochondria within cells, because of free redicals damage the mitochondria in the cells, in the metabolic process, cell metabolism diminished or disappeared. Therefore, after lack of cell energy, there are no energy for cell metabolism, then the cell death. Due to these three reasons above, human become aging.
Anti-aging effects of glutathione: according to glutathione supplier, glutathione can improve or promote the secretion body interleukin (human growth hormone). Body interleukin can regulate slow telomere shortening and extend the lifespan of cells, so as to achieve the extension of the person’s life.
As a cosmetic raw material, glutathione is a powerful antioxidant, can fight free radical damage, mitochondrial DNA, repair mitochondrial DNA damaged; so that make the cell division cycle and cell life extension. Glutathione scavenging free radicals, enhanced glycolysis and oxidative phosphorylation process sugar, also inhibited the protein, fat glycosylated gluconeogenesis been alleviated, the protein invariance. Glutathione is an endogenous poison antidote: glutathione eliminate cells in the normal metabolism of oxygen toxicity, is borrowed from peroxide to relieve the toxicity of the hydroxyl radical.
Heterogeneous biological compounds is exogenous poison antidote: the heterogeneous biological compounds such as Ganoderma class, propolis, cordyceps, marine biology, plant Ginseng, Pollen, beans, vegetable protein, and so heterogeneous biological compounds; vitamins C, E, A, -carotene, selenium and so on, are the things that body do not have, namely that the vitro things, into the human body and combined with the toxins or heavy metals in the body, should be expel from the body, part of them will expel from the body with human gastrointestinal, but the others also accumulating in vivo, then into bile or fluid from the feces out of the body in the role of glutathione. So, when we poisoning because of take painkillers or other drugs overdose, detected glutathione in vivo plasma is apparent lacking, it is due to glutathione on metabolic detoxification.