Anti-aging Tip The Miracle Of The Five Tibetan Rites

It was late 2003 at 67 years old that something inside kept prompting me to
write a book. I didnt even know what I would write about but because I had
mentioned it to my kids, for Christmas that year my novelist daughter Summer
gave me the tools a writer needs.

The inklings I kept getting at first were that I was supposed to write about
growing younger, but I kept brushing away that notion. After all, I was just
beginning to be inspired with a few techniques for reversing aging and had
not been practicing them for very long. Besides, who would believe it?

Then early in 2004 other techniques kept coming to my attention. I began
practicing and writing them down, thinking perhaps I should be brave and
consider a book sometime in the future, especially if my results continued to
astound me.

The confirmation that I was definitely to pursue writing a book on how to
grow younger came during David Morehouses Extended Remote Viewing class I
attended in San Diego, California, in mid-August 2004 with Pintki Murray of

For one session, instead of the usual target based on a random set of eight
numbers, our assignment was to journey into The Matrix and bring back
messages. A year before if I had heard that it was possible to transcend time
and space and view objects and events at a distance, I might have been quite
skeptical. Yet here I was in Phase 3 of Remote Viewing, still surprised and
delighted with how successful I had been in identifying many elements of each
target in Morehouses workshops.

The Matrix was ready for me and I clearly heard five messages. When the
session ended, I promptly wrote all five in my journal. Four messages I
deemed fascinating and worthy of future pondering, but the fifth seemed to be
pure nonsense, and silly. I couldnt wait to tell Pintki to give her a good

The journey to The Matrix was the last viewing session of the day so Pintki
and I walked to a restaurant for dinner. She asked if I had received any

I got a really silly one, I said, anticipating her charming laughter.
I heard Spin clockwise to become younger.

She didnt laugh. Of course, she said. Thats one of the five
Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation.

I stopped walking and stared at her, unable to believe what I was hearing. We
were in the middle of crossing a major highway and Pintki had to grab my arm
and pull me to safety on the other side.

It was totally inconceivable to me that spinning clockwise could be a
technique for getting younger. My analytical mind challenged the notion and
reasoned that, if anything, spinning counterclockwise would be a more logical
technique for reversing the aging process.

Pintki continued, We have the book with those Tibetan exercises. Its
called The Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth and spinning
clockwise is the first of the five exercises.

I couldnt ignore the promptings any longer. The Matrix, or Spirit, or God,
had just given me solid confirmation that I was on the right track with the
ideas and techniques I had discovered for growing younger. Now I had to write
the book.

When we returned, Pintki lent me her book on the Tibetan Rites of
Rejuvenation and shortly after, I added the Five Tibetans to my daily ritual.
You can see how to perform them at

Today, seven years later, I look back at that time and marvel at the miracle
of that day. About that experience, two things I know for sure: 1) The
Tibetan Rites really work. I now have enormous energy; a strong, healthy body
and clear, sharp mind – and not even one gray hair, and 2) I am incredibly
grateful to the Tibetans for teaching me these Rites of Rejuvenation and
inspiring me to write my anti-aging book.

My tip for you is to turn off your busy mind, slip into the silence and allow
for the miracles to occur.