Nothing But Smiles At All Smiles Dental Clinic

All smiles Dental offers affordable advanced dentistry in Bangalore, India. A super specialty dental center, the facility offers both routine and advanced dental treatments. From smile designing to veneers and dental implants, international dental tourists can save up to 70% on dental treatments and procedures at all smiles.

Some of the most common treatments at all smiles include but are not limited to:

Root canal treatments
The veneers and crowns
Teeth whitening
Gum care
Tooth replacements with implants or bridges

Dr. Vikram is a fellow international of the Congress of oral Implantologists specializing in dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, endodontics, bridges and crowns. Having graduated from Bangalore University in 2000, and completing fellowship from the United Kingdom, Dr. Vikram is experienced and extensively trained in cosmetic dentistry, smile design, and dental artistry.

Having completed advanced training in oral dentistry by the royal college of surgeons in London, England, he has also been awarded world renowned fellowship from the international Congress of oral Implantologists in the United States. Speaking a variety of languages, Dr. Vikram offers compassionate and individualized services to each of his patients.

Dr. Sruti graduated from the Bangalore University and has concluded basic as well as advanced education in integrated endodontics in India. Dr. Sruti takes pride in her ability to offer dental services and cosmetic treatments in everything from root canals to difficult dental issues and problems.

“As the medical director of All Smiles Dental Clinic, we take pride in our ability to offer quality, qualified and experienced dental care in basic, aesthetic, and endodontics and dental procedures,” says Dr. Vikram.

Seeking the Best from the Best
“We’re proud to join hands with all smiles dental clinic in offering the best in integrity, caring, and quality when it comes to dental care,” says Pramod Goel, CEO and Founder of PlacidWay, a major dental and medical provider, resource and information center for global medical travelers. “All Smiles Dental Clinic’s philosophy is achieving perfection through high quality work, the latest in technological services, and fine attention to detail that offers each patient individualized, customized and effective dental care.”

Patients from around the world have experienced the best that Dr. Vikram and his staff have to offer at all smiles dental clinic. Says Cynthia Wigger, “I am so thankful for the great work of Dr. Vikram! He took away all my fear from dentists. I wish him and his family does the best and God bless!”

Says Jo Gibson of London, “After being self conscious of my teeth for years, I am now happy to smile and not feel the need to hide my teeth the way. Thank you, Dr. Vikram.”

And from Ingel Marcellino of Italy, “After 40 years of shying away from my smile, I have found Dr. Vikram. His professionalism and experience gave me confidence to go through the whole process and I have got a wonderful smile! I gained confidence and I am not shying away anymore. I can laugh aloud, feel happy, and show it – thank you, Doctor!”

Dental Care in India
Known as the land of enchantment, India offers state of the art and high-tech advances in dental care, as well as expert and experienced dentists and oral surgeons throughout India, trained internationally in the latest technologies. India has been and will continue to be a premier medical travel destination, with individuals saving between 30 and 50% on dental procedures.