The Beauty And Attractions Of Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Dammam is one of the largest cities of Saudi Arabia that just lies on the footsteps of the Persian Gulf. The eastern province and particularly Dammam is abundant in oil resources and which offers one of the most important port and hub of the country. The city is tourism friendly because it forms the longest channel that flutters besides the waves of Persian Gulf. Dammam is easily accessible to international visitors as it has the largest airport in the world.

It also harbors largest port on the Persian Gulf for business activities. The vastness and enormity of the city and its royal built up calls upon those who want to enjoy warm climate away from flaky, chill winds of December, January and February in temperate maritime climatic zones. The stunning sea line at night adds more to the aura of Dammam s beauty and the attractions along the sea are the citys darling bits. So to get a glimpse of Dammam s lovely bit, fetch a cheap flight to Dammam, and make your trip ravishing with Persian Gulfs memories.

Dammam Corniche is a mega situate along the sea side that makes a breathtaking dialogue with the Persian Gulf. The Corniche is artistically designed and constructed to add flavor to the bounties of nature already embracing the coast. The Corniche does not only provide visitors with an exorbitant view of the sea in serene settings, but also gives an avenue for enjoying other entertainment activities.

The Corniche hence becomes an amusement complex ideal for families and friends to hang out during the night time. At night the area altogether gives another worlds view of the sea which gleams with lavishly colorful lights. It then becomes an ideal place to stroll along the splashing sea waves for relaxation. There are also some sports and game clubs which are aimed to add further attraction to the site. The Corniche also harbors Al Morjan Island, which is a small artificial island. The island gives another spot to the leisure hunters to enjoy around. In close vicinity to the Corniche, there is another island, namely Coral Island which is relatively bigger than the former one. It is a famous spot for the international tourists, and its special attraction is a tall Lighthouse tower. The tourists climb on to it to get a view of the horizon of the Persian Gulf and witness its endless glory.

Another popular beach that Dammam proudly holds along the Persian Gulf border is Half Moon Bay. The name Half Moon is derived by the shape of the land surface area of the beach which is semicircular, hence half moon. And the exotic beauty of this piece of land gave it the name Moon, which in Arabian culture is the most striking and erotic metaphor to describe beauty. Like the Corniche, Half Moon also has couple of amusement spots to provide further entertainment to the visitors. Water sports, particularly diving is particularly popular in this place. There are special arrangements in the area to glorify the beauty of the spot where divers can submerge into the waters of the Arabian Sea.

Dammam offers a best match of the natural beauty of the sea coupled with greatest extent of investment and development in the Saudi Kingdom. The man made royal topping that has been added to the natural scenic beauty of beaches adds splendid flavor to Dammam experience. So all one needs to do is, wait for the chilly cold months of winter and sail to the Kingdoms best part. Get a hint of the arid climate of Dammam, enjoy the sea breeze and witness the dazzling night at the sea. So why wait, just dive into the experience of Dammam, book a flight to the city and enjoy the warmth of the luxurious city.