The Beauty Of Uncut Diamond Jewelry

There are number of reasons why diamonds are, and have been, so sought after and loved. One of the things that sets them apart from other precious gemstones is the dazzling way they sparkle under the light when they are well cut and polished. But if you have been looking at diamond jewelry lately you may have noticed a new style, rough cut diamond jewelry.

Their Raw Beauty

The diamonds used in this jewelry are in their natural state, meaning they are not cut and polished like the version we are so accustom to. Instead they are in their original shape with a frosty coating they naturally develop as they are created and brought to the surface. This style is perfect for those who love the natural look, especially when brown or champagne diamonds are chosen.

This isn’t actually a new idea though. Uncut or rough diamonds have been cherished for their beauty by royalty for thousands and thousands of years.

Today jewelry designers value them for their raw beauty. They can be set into a chosen precious metal for simple, elegant look or they can be blended with other polished diamonds or precious gems to create a distinct blend of textures. Because they look so different from other gems and stones they can be used to create a truly distinct ring, necklace, bracelet or earrings.

Shopping For Rough Diamonds

It is not as easy to find jewelry made with these beautiful stones as it is to find a traditional polished diamond. The average chain jewelry store you find in a mall will probably not have them. You will likely need to go to a jeweler that specializes in distinct pieces like this.

You can easily find them online, but be very careful when shopping online for this type of item. Unfortunately this industry has a lot of fraud because of the mark up and high value. Only use a trusted source if you choose to shop online.

Their Value

Rough diamonds are graded differently than those that are cut and polished because the 4Cs don’t apply with the uncut version as cut and clarity cannot be judged. There isn’t an official way to grade and value these stones. Although there are a few jewelers who are trained to judge their quality, there is no standard certification or grading scale for them. Most people buy them for their distinct and rare beauty, not because of their perceived value.