Top Acne Treatments – Hints To Narrow Down The Choices

Almost everyone has had some experience with acne at some point in their lives, and everyone seems to have their own favorite acne treatment. As with anything, though, what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for the next. Rather than wading through old wives’ tales and anecdotal acne remedy suggestions, considering the causes of acne will help point you toward the top acne treatments for best results.

Acne is caused by a combination of factors, and the top treatment will address each. The first factor causing acne is an increase in the amount of sebum produced. Usually precipitated by hormonal changes, the oily secretion provides the perfect environment for bacterial growth.

Secondly, an acne outbreak is encouraged by an overproduction of dead skin cells. When cells die in large quantities, they don’t slough off quickly enough. Instead, they clog the pores and trap excess sebum within. The normally harmless P. acne bacteria multiply in the oil-filled pores, irritating the skin, which results in the inflammation known as acne.

Since there is not just one single cause of acne, it is obvious that the top acne treatments are those that approach the problem with multiple actions. The best treatments address at least two of the contributing factors: the excess oil on the skin, the surplus dead skin cells, and the P. acne bacteria.

Most homemade acne treatments address just one of the acne-causing factors, but over-the-counter acne products are formulated to attack the issue from multiple directions at once. It is best to buy a complete system, rather than handpicking separate products, as they will be specially manufactured to work together. A top acne treatment system will include a component to remove dead skin cells, one to dry up excess oil, and another to kill the P. acne bacteria.

Various laser and light therapies also approach acne from multiple angles. Besides killing P. acne bacteria, most of these methods also tend to shrink oil glands so oil production is decreased.

Light therapies for acne are relatively new and lesser known, but they show promise for treating acne. Find out more about these and other top acne treatments and learn how to cure pimples the best way. Visit and start your journey toward clear skin today.