Treating Blackheads And Acne At The Root

Normal manifestations of common acne are blackheads, which like most acne, arise in the face and in people of all ages. Also known as open comedones, blackheads are wide-open pores not yet inflamed that have been clogged by sebum and keratin. Air is able to reach the keratin plug due to the open nature of blackhead openings and oxidizes the material, making it turn its blackish color. Whiteheads, on the other hand, occur in follicles that have a smaller opening. As the aperture is tiny, the clogged material within the follicle is not affected by air and is not turned black.

As there is no inflammation like in other types of pimples, blackheads are much smaller manifestations of acne. Blackheads can appear anywhere on the skin where there are pores or follicles. They are most commonly found on the face and arms. It is possible, if left untreated, that blackheads progress into the more severe cystic acne as well as acne scars.

How Do Blackheads and Other Phases of Acne Form?

Blackheads form through a similar process as other pimples. The sebaceous gland secretes sebum, an oil, that travels through the sebaceous canal to the skin’s surface. However, sometimes this oil hardens or mixes with debris and/or skin cells and clogs the pore.

A blackhead officially becomes a blackhead when the plugged substance oxidizes, giving it its trademark black color. If this sebaceous canal is injured through sebum output or if inflammation arises, it is considered an acne lesion, or if very severe, an acne cyst.

Acne is first and foremost caused by injuries to the cells lining sebum canals. Teen acne arises due to puberty and adult acne typically due to stress; during these times, hormone levels cause sebum release to multiply. This increase in production also intensifies the rate at which sebum must be secreted, forcing it through the ducts that become damaged in return.

The type of sebum that the body produces also affects the healthy state of the follicle. When the body lacks essential fatty acids, the sebaceous glands produce a harder, more abrasive oil that also injures cell lining.

Lastly, the sebum that is trapped beneath a clog is forced to amass within the follicle, forcing it to distend and become further inflamed.

The body responds as it does to all other bodily injuries and sends lymphocytes, macrophages and neutrophils to the site of the damage for healing. These immune system cells, in the process of recognizing and engulfing antigens, cause the inflammation we call acne. Cystic acne can form with or without infection. Should bacteria become involved, abscesses and scars follow.

Treating from the Inside: Acne and Blackhead Removal

Prevention of blackheads requires addressing the cause versus only the symptoms: first, one must get sebum and its production under control and then reduce keratin and bacteria found in the skin.

Although exfoliation to clear away excess pore-clogging skin is suitable for blackhead treatment, it may irritate the skin and other lesions, causing inflammation and more acne problems. To protect against such irritation, one must find a solution appropriate for treatment of all acne lesions: blackheads, whiteheads, papules and pustules.

Most blackhead-specific as well as some acne treatments only focus on the un-clogging of pores. By using harsh chemicals, such as benzoyl peroxide, these systems dry out the skin and further harm it by producing damaging free radicals.

Resolve acne worries by treating from the inside with a facial acne treatment that gets overactive sebaceous glands under control, naturally. Most prescribed products that inhibit sebum production are very harsh in their effects, including extreme drying of the skin, chapped lips, nose bleeds, irritation of the eyes and eyelids and severe birth defects.

An inhibitor of testosterone, the hormone most linked to sebum activity, licorice root is a natural solution. By getting sebum under control, you stop the primary cause of acne lesions – injury to the cells lining the sebum canals.

By consuming one’s daily intake of essential fatty acids, one can maintain healthy sebum that is less likely to irritate or plug skin follicles.

Utilize the tricks of acne home remedies to stop the foremost causes of acne. Focus on the causes and not the symptoms.