Types Of Cancer You Can Obtain From Cigarettes

People are fully aware that smoking is a huge health hazard. Even smokers know that, although they often cant resist and have no strength to fight their addiction. There are many health concerns connected to smoking, and it is scientifically proven that smoking causes various diseases, even numerous kinds of cancer. That is why its crucial for smokers to try to quit and begin with their healthier part of life. Also, second hand smokers are in danger of getting ill, because unfortunately, smoke affects their health too. It is not comfortable to read about kinds of cancer smoking can obtain (especially if you are a smoker) but sometimes learning about it, and knowing more can stimulate you and help you quit.

Cancer is not the only serious illness smoking causes frequently. Smokers often also have: bronchitis (it can get chronic too), emphysema (lung condition which cant be fully cured or reversed), stroke, various heart diseases, cataracts, asthma etc. Cigarettes damage smokers air sacs and that leads to various diseases we have already listed here. Cancer is, of course, the scariest disease known to the mankind and unfortunately for millions of smokers, it is closely related to this addiction.

Now let us list and show you what types of cancer cigarettes cause. First of all there is lung cancer – more than 85% of patients with lung cancer are smokers. Other terminal kinds of cancer, mostly caused by cigarettes are larynx cancer (connected to the voice apparatus), oesophagus cancer, oral cavity and bladder cancer. Smoking is a factor which unfortunately helps development of cancer cells. Consuming cigarettes also causes these terminal cancers: kidney cancer (and failure), stomach and cervical cancer and also pancreatic cancer and various illnesses.

Another thing should motivate you to stop smoking. You are also hurting others around you, because second hand smoking also causes various terrible diseases. Inhaling smoke by being a second hand smoker (that means inhaling while breathing, through nose or mouth) is also very dangerous because smoke inhaled like this is carcinogen too.

List of diseases caused by smoke and nicotine is very long, and we have listed a small percent to remind you how good it would be if you could get focused and quit as soon as possible. Dont be fooled that cigarettes are not bad just because theyre being sold legally. They are lethal and can cause various health problems. This health hazard is hard to beat but not unbeatable keep that in mind.

Read the list of diseases cigarettes cause, and that might help you decide to stop smoking. Cancer in various types is the hardest thing you could face if you continue smoking. If you prefer to stay healthy and happy, be determined to quit and start today. With a little help from your friends and family you can do it! Choose healthy living hobbits, sport and freedom, and say no to cigarettes. Prevent cancer and other diseases and dont be afraid to start again healthier and stronger!