Vivex – Shaklee’s New Revolutionary Anti-aging Breakthrough Product – Will It Work For You

Vivex, Shaklees new anti-aging product has already done wonders for people with a wide variety of health concerns. Its not surprising since Shaklee scientists have always worked to create the best natural health products in the world. In fact, theyve been doing so for over 50 years.

Most Shaklee distributors may see Vivex as the answer to their needs. The product that will have new prospects rushing to call and join their business opportunity. Are you expecting Vivex to revolutionize your business and be your ticket to financial freedom? As great as Vivex is, no product can do that.

How will you use Vivex to market Shaklees business opportunity? Will you use warm marketing techniques such as holding parties, posting flyers, and handing out business cards? Unfortunately, you will eventually run out of new prospects using these techniques.

I was fortunate enough to find a more effective way to build my business. Through the use of a funded proposal, I have found a marketing system that really works. Using this system, you can generate an endless supply of free targeted leads for your business and you actually get paid to prospect.

This system is simple, yet powerful and can not only be used by Shaklee distributors, but also by distributors of any MLM company.

Using a funded proposal has really benefited my business and I think it can help your business too.

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