What is Dental Crown Treatment

A crown is restoration that caps a tooth to restore to its natural shape and size,improving the appearance of a tooth. Today crowns are the best way to make your smile better and also improve your overall dental health. This is one of the most common dental treatment. When a Crown is required? It is necessary when teeth is generally broken down and filling would not solve the problem. In some cases the cap is placed after the Root canal treatment. Generally we hear that Whenever a dentist recommended that a cap is required it can create a feeling of fear in patient. But this is not true. Tooth caps are quite common now a days. It is made out of metals, ceramics and combination of these metals. A cosmetic tooth surgery can do lot to make your look better. Crowns are shaped like a teeth. In some cases cap can be placed to cover up discolored teeth. There are different type of crows are available in the market. Like stainless steel,Metals,All resin,All ceramic. Stainless caps are basically used on the permanent filling. In some crowns metal is used which include gold alloy and other alloy. All resin caps are less expensive than other types. All ceramic provide natural color than any other type. Temporary caps are made in the dental clinics while permanent cap are made in the laboratories. Temporary caps are made up of stainless steel and they are designed for short term use. Your dentist will give you the best treatment option after a consultation. Your dentist will take an x-ray of you tooth to determine whether or not you need a cap , after that will discuss all the options with you. Placing cap is Multiple step process In the first step your dentist will reshaping your tooth do that the cap will cover it perfectly along with the natural way. In the next visit the cap will be placed on you tooth and dentist will examine that the fitting is perfect or not? Crowns should last for approximately for six to eight years. in some cases it will be last for longer period of time. To prevent from pain you should avoid chewing hard foods and you have to avoid teeth girding. Brushing twice a day daily, don’t chew sticky and chewy food. For few days you may feel discomfort in that area after this it is completely normal. You crown treatment will require lots of care and check up from dentist for at least six months. Dental caps are best solution for those who loss their tooth.

Having healthy teeth can be a great assets. Improve your smile with Dental Crown treatment and If you feel that you need a crown visit us at Crowns London . We offer other services like Dental implant, Teeth whitening, Crown, Veneers,and other dental cosmetic surgery