Witch Hazel As A 200 Year Old Anti Aging Cream

In years gone, Indian tribes used Witch Hazel for medicinal purposes. These days, it is one of a handful of medicinal treatments that are allowed to be used by the Federal Drug Administration. Of course, there are other herbal extracts permitted as dietary supplements, but witch hazel is one of just a select few that are still allowed as topical treatments. It was widely used for ailments such as hemorrhoids, insect bites and stings, skin ulcers, tumors, boils and other rashes like chiggers or poison ivy.
Witch Hazel, a native shrub in America and Europe has had medicinal qualities that have made it valued over the years in varying forms. In early days, it’s branches and flowers were steamed and the results mixed with a percent of alcohol and used for astringents and topical medication. Nowadays, it is found in many different things from mouthwashes, as the distilled witch hazel to anti aging creams and anti wrinkle creams, in the form of witch hazel oil. It has been found as an ingredient in hemorrhoid treatment medicines, even still today. Some of those have been used by home remedy skin care experimentalists and claim that those medicines also work in the anti aging of skin.
Witch Hazel is useful in anti-aging treatments, because it has been found to have capillary constricting properties that reduce inflammation, as well as topical antioxidant properties. It is a safe, and inexpensive home remedy on average witch hazel oil can be found on sale for under a couple dollars in the pharmacy area of most stores. It’s use as an ingredient in many anti-aging creams and anti-wrinkle creams. It is usually in a more concentrated form and, because of this, promotes cell turnover as well as new cell moisturizing because the oil concentrate keep skin cells plump and hydrated.
The Oneida Indians showed Theron Pond from Utica, NY, the medicinal uses of witch hazel circa 1840. Witch Hazel is native to New York and Connecticut and these regions still supply much of the witch hazel today. After many years studying with Oneida Indian medicine men, Theron Pond was astounded by the healing powers and decided to sell the extract using the name of Golden Treasure. The company moved location several times and after the death of Theron Pond, established in Connecticut using the name “Pond’s extract”.
The witch hazel production still centers around Connecticut and is one of the leading manufacturers of witch hazel extract still today. Much of the harvesting is still done in Northwestern Connecticut where property owners cut the shrubs every few years, so they can re-branch and sell directly to the distilling distributors, and then sold for pharmaceutical uses.
Witch Hazel has been confirmed as many things. An antioxidant, a radiation protective aa well as an anti-inflammatory. It has been approved as an astringent and external analgesic and has many internal medicinal uses. This is why it is an ingredient in anti aging creams and anti wrinkle creams.